S&W Coordination Team


Shane St. John


Shane founded S&W Coordination in 2011 (previously a company of St. John’s Engineering) and has been in the pre-construction and construction business all his life. He first started at a job doing welding and fabrication for structural manufacturer, then he grew into the engineering and CAD positions from his college degree at TVCC. He graduated from the drafting degree and went to work for a MEP engineering company in Dallas, then moving into project management as a General Contractor in the field and an entrepreneur from there. Shane has helped build hundreds of commercial buildings using his MEP knowledge and continues to look forward to building more relationships with future clients.



Matt Williams

VP of Operations

Plumbing and Mechanical Coordinator

Matt has over 10 years of experience in the field and having experienced personally the effects of poor planning with his years in the field; he understands the importance of computer aided drafting. As Vice President of S & W Coordination, Matt continues his career modeling and coordinating while continuing his education attending Colorado State Global University for his Bachelor's Degree in Business Management.  Matt has experience not only in the business side, but also in the field and fabrication side with plumbing and sheet metal. A great asset to our growing company.



Kale St. John

Project Manager – BIM Coordinator

Electrical and HVAC

Kale has been the tough go-getter and business manager that brings a whole complete spectrum to S & W Coordination. He has worked in the piping fabrication industry for over 9 years starting as a shop hand continuing on being a Supervisor and moving into he Safety department as the Safety Manger. He is trained and certified in OSHA. He has extensive knowledge of CAD based platforms and how things are fabricated and installed. A great family man and provider, and works well with project management and clientele relations.


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Michael Sandberg

Plumbing VDC specialist

Michael has been in the design field since January of 2001. Graduating in Cheyenne WY, Mike moved to Denver CO for school and pursue a career in this field of study. Mike's first drafting job was in Airports civil design, moved within the same company to a CAD Coordinating position. Later on, Mike started at a different company doing P&ID’s and 3D modeling for large power plants mainly in the United States,. Switching to Oil and Gas piping and P&ID’s Mike worked on many tank holding facilities, processing plans, pipelines and a refinery in Montana.



Scott Gerhardt

HVAC Modeler and Detailer

Grew up in a small mid-western agrarian community on the edge of the prairie. Joined the military to serve the country that protects this great country. He attended SOU and took Philosophy, Physics and Psychology while playing football. Scott has volunteered a lot with Engineers without borders and has a strong background in the engineering field. He completed his FE in Civil Engineering, Licensed EIT by OSBEELS and qualified for LEED. Having worked construction in the field for Habitat for Humanity and was a Manger Track Maintenance at Union Pacific Railroad, He now builds buildings on the computer with S & W Coordination.



Stephen Reyes

Plumbing and Electrical BIM Modeler

A well-educated man that attended California State University of Sacramento studying Mechanical Engineering, and a commercial certified Diver, Stephen has great management skills and continues to search for new learning venues and capabilities. He worked under a PE Civil Engineer Commercial Diver to inspect marine structures both above and below water and modeling in CAD Civil 3D sound structures. He worked well with the mining Industry with the vendors and team engineers designing and maintenance of the components and products along with Danfoss Plus 1 controls. Proficient in Inventor, Fusion 360 and AutoCAD, he joined our team coming into the Plumbing systems that he is familiar with.


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