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Creating horizontal and vertical dimensions with fabrication detailing & precision

Electrical &
BIM Coordination
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Shop Drawings & Coordination Services


Service Overview

MEP Detailing Services


Mechanical - Electrical - Plumbing

MEP focuses on trade disciplines needed to build safe, working structures for human use and occupation. Real time trade collaboration to support on time project delivery.

BIM Coordinating


Building Information Modeling

Using 3D and 4D design and modeling software to create structural designs to facilitate plans, construction, and manage buildings and infrastructure. BIM reduces waste and materials along with time and labor making the most cost effective production possible on any project.



Coordination drawings show work with horizontal and vertical dimensions with fabrication detailing  to avoid interference with structural framing, ceilings, partitions, equipment, lights, mechanical, electrical, conveying systems, and other services.

Trimble Points


Using control points established on a job-site, clients can use a trimble laser machine to pin point hanger rods, floor penetrations, wall penetrations and roof penetrations. This is more accurate than manually measuring out locations.

Spool Drawings


A Spool Drawing acts as as guide for clients to accurately manufacture a given spool. Spool Drawings are used to assemble pipe and components off-site, typically in the clients workshop, for future installation. Using the latest software allows us to accurately provide spool information per the unique specification of each project to ensure 100% accuracy. We offer this service for all plumbing, process piping and hydronic systems.

Bill Of Material


The bill of materials we offer our clients is a list generated from AutoCAD Fabrication after we have completed modeling and coordinating a system. The list of raw materials, sub-components, parts and quantities of each needed to manufacture the “end product”. As well, giving our clients the advantage to accurately order materials for a project and reduce waste.